What is kaolin?

Kaolin is a mono-mineral clay rock, the clay fraction of which is represented by kaolinite mineral. There exist primary kaolins, which are deposited directly on the site of their generation and secondary kaolins, which are the product of washout and sedimentation processes of primary kaolins due to natural forces.

Glukhivtsi deposit of primary kaolins has been known since 1896 and has been developing since 1901. This kaolin appeared in the process of pegmatites and aplitic granites disintegration. The deposit has one of the biggest kaolin reserves in Europe – 56 million tons by categories А+В+С1, and taking into account the category C2 kaolin ore reserves make 200 million tons, at the same time the deposit thickness reaches 100 m.


Distinctive features of Glukhivtsi kaolin are:

  • high dispersion ability

  • homogeneity of clay matter


It is caused by the nature of parent rocks and high degree of kaolinization. In the process of enrichment of Glukhivtsi kaolin the residues are represented by a wide range of coarse-grained, more rarely by fine-grained quartz. Feldspar and mica in residues occur seldom and in small amounts. It also shows that kaolinization of parent rocks in Glukhivtsi deposit is completely finished. Absence of feldspar and mica residues causes high refractoriness of kaolin (1800-1810 °С – clean white kaolin and 1770-1780°С – greyish-yellow kaolin).

Owing to good casting properties, fluidity, small amount of coagulants and various salts, stable grain-size composition, kaolin from Glukhivtsi deposit is the most acceptable for the production of sanitary ceramic ware.


Concerning reserves and quality of kaolin unique is Veliko-Gadominetsk deposit, which is situated within the territory of Koziatyn district Vinnytsia region and Berdychiv district Zhytomyr region, and a production licence for which is also held by the enterprise AKW Ukrainian Kaolin Company.


The conducted researches of the deposit proved, that kaolin concentrate from this deposit is notable for high whiteness: 80-84% and even 88-90% according to leicometer. Over 80% of raw material reserves meet the requirements, specified for superior quality kaolin required for paper industry.


Specific is also a high natural dispersion ability of kaolin concentrate. Intensive operations on Veliko-Gadominetsk deposit development are currently underway, as well as on the quickest production startup of raw material from this deposit, which will open up more possibilities for world paper market penetration in return.

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