In the process of kaolin enrichment a valuable by-product is generated - quartz sand.

Sand, produced by AKW Ukrainian Kaolin Company is classified as quartz sand of mark PK-93, GOST 7031-75 «Quartz sand for fine ceramics». This sand mark has a wide application both in ceramics manufacture and construction industry (for concrete making).


The technology of fractionated sands production, existing at Private Joint-Stock Company “Glukhovetsky ore-mining and processing kaolin enterprise”, is based on water enrichment of quartz sand of mark PK-93. Sand is washed and fractionated on sieves of various size.


Thus we receive the following sand marks, being used for water conditioning and purification:
  • PKF 0,3-2 mm (TU U 14.2-00282027002-2002)

  • PKF 2-6 mm (TU U 14.2-00282027002-2002)

  • PKF 0,8-2 mm (TU U 14.2-00282027002-2002)

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