The product AKW Ukrainian Kaolin Company is raw kaolin raw, enriched kaolin is produced according to the technologies of dry and wet enrichment, as well as quartz sands.

Kaolin is a rock, the clay part of which is represented by kaolinite mineral, formed as a result of many years of exposure to natural phenomena.

A natural feature of the primary kaolin deposits of the Ukrainian kaolin company is the high degree of perfection/orderliness of the crystalline structure of kaolinite and the uniformity of the clay substance.

Kaolin from the Glukhovetsky and Veliko-Gadominetsky deposits has a high whiteness, a low content of iron oxide, practically no oxides of calcium and sulfur.

Kaolin is widely used in the production of sanitary ceramic, porcelain and earthenware, rubber products, for the production of paper, composite and building materials, fiberglass, as well as chemical and agro-industries, etc.

Enriched kaolin is produced by two technologies - dry and wet enrichment.

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