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Facing a severe market competition AKW Ukrainian Kaolin Company steadfastly maintains high quality of its products, using quality management system, which fully covers all aspects of enterprise activities.


Meeting the requirements and expectations of every individual consumer is a strategic target of the enterprise in the field of quality, which is possible due to using up-to-date laboratory equipment. As a result – the quality of our products conforms to Ukrainian and international standards.


As for quality and technological properties, raw material of AKW Ukrainian Kaolin Company and kaolin derived from it are not inferior to the best Ukrainian and foreign kaolin deposits and are adequate for production of high-quality products. Distinctiveness of output product – high whiteness and dispersion, low content of harmful impurities and high content of useful components.


The chemical composition of primary kaolins contains maximum % Al2O3-35-39%, SiO2 -45-48%, Fe2O3-0,3-0,6%, TiO2- 0,4-1,2%. The main rock-forming mineral is kaolinite Al2O3xSiO2x2H2O, the content of which in ore makes up 40-80%. Kaolin ore can be easily physico-chemically enriched, whereafter the concentration of kaolin increases up to 99 %.


The quality of output product is controlled at each stage of kaolin production – from raw material extraction in mine till finished product loading.


All products are certified and are recommended for use by Ukrainian Ministry of Health (conclusion of the state sanitary and hygienic expertise) №5.10/27424 от 25.07.2002)

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